A Biology Major… Minus The Bio

9 09 2010

At the onset, I should note that this particular tirade is going to be rather childish and exclusively designed to serve my unquenchable desire to rant in the aftermath of some recent academic events. Nevertheless, it should at the very least explain my inability to post anything of late (though lest anyone start to worry, this week’s “spotlight” entry is still proceeding on schedule).

I was recently forced to renovate the academic makeup of my entire first semester here at Stony Brook on account of a subject which has continuously served as the undisputed bane of my existence: mathematics. In order to complete my Bachelor’s degree in biology, I’ll need to swallow two semesters of physics, which I can’t complete without first passing a pair of calculus classes for which I’m ineligible in lieu of having already passed a pre-calc course whose introductory concepts have swiftly eluded every effort I’ve made to comprehend them despite my exhaustive employment of an absolute plethora of external resources, forcing me to set the entire damnable process even further back by enrolling into an algebra proficiency “elective”.

This regrettable chain of events has produced yet another delightful side-effect: I’ve been coerced into postponing ALL of my biology classes until this spring (and replacing them with a motley crew of required humanities sessions for the time being) due to their co-requisite status with the aforementioned pre-calculus course for which I am simply no intellectual match. Consequently, I may not be able to obtain this degree within an affordable amount of time.

Sheesh, it’s at times like these that I wish I was an English major…


Okay, I feel better now and apologize for having unleashed this verbose block of self-pity into the blogosphere. Rest assured, fellow paleo nerds, scientifically relevant material will be discussed shortly.