I’m Back!! (With An Announcement)

13 05 2010

Good tidings and well-wishes!

I must once again apologize for the recent scarcity of activity which has plagued my unfortunate blog. This particular occurence was spawned by a combination of factors, namely the close of a brutal semester which was accompanied by a series of exceedingly difficult final exams (despite my love for blogging, I am nevertheless a student first and an internet journalist second) which preceded a week-long trek back to my native Upstate New York following my graduation from Mesalands Community College. For those interested, I’ve been accepted into Stony Brook University on Long Island as a Transfer Student and shall begin my studies therein upon the end of August.

At any rate, the bit of news to which I’ve alluded in the heading of this particular entry is as follows: to compensate for my inactivity of late, TTT is going to showcase a special event next week which should pique the interest of my fellow paleo-nerds….


The Burgess Shale Extravaganza!

Beginning next Monday, I shall dedicate a Weekly Spotlight-style post to a deliciously bizarre denizen of this most informative fossiliferous locality. While just about everyone interested in the field is aware of such familiar faces as Opabinia, Anomalocaris, Hallucigenia, and Pikaia, I’ll attempt to lend my coverage to a truly obscure inhabitant each day of this event.

Stay tuned and, as always, may the fossil record continue to enchant us all!




2 responses

14 05 2010

Canadaspis? He’s a little oddball.

Yeah, i’ve been having to deal with finals too (congrats on going to Stony Brook. I hope to get to an actual college someday). I still wonder how i managed to get a post in on Wednesday.

16 05 2010

Thanks for the congrants, Doug!

Rest assured, Canadaspis will be included!

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