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18 02 2010

Good tidings and well-wishes!

Due to the recent advent of certain scholarly pressures, I’ll regrettably be unable to post a ‘Weekly Spotlight’ entry this week or, I daresay, anything else. To at least partially fill this unexpected void, I leave you with the following rather humorous videos:

And just to show that I do not, in fact, dislike modern theropods…

UPCOMING POSTS: Capricamelus and some of my favorite B-movies!




4 responses

18 02 2010

OH NOES!!! How will i get my fix? I guess i’ll just have to go start my own blog in the meantime… jk. Or am I?

ROFL, that shop lifting sea gull is epic! Reminds me of the bear in British Columbia who gave Subway his patronage. Except i don’t think the sea gull was hunted down and shot though…

19 02 2010

If you do decide to erect your own blog, definitely be sure to let me know!

I really feel bad for that bear now…

19 02 2010

Will do!

Yeah. So sad. that sorta thing has happened here too. A cougar wandered into Pismo Campground, swiped at a cop (didn’t hurt him, just swiped at him)and was then quickly “dispatched”. Then a couple years later a cougar wandered into downtown SLO. So the police found it and shot to kill. Tragic yes. Unfortunately, that’s the price paid when we encroach on nature…

26 02 2010

So when you have returned, i got that blog up.

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