“Charles Darwin: Live & In Concert” To Appear On CSPAN-2.

22 01 2010

Good tidings and well-wishes!

Last February, I wrote a brief article about Richard Milner’s critically acclaimed one-man musical, “Charles Darwin: Live And In Concert“.  I, being a die-hard evolution nerd AND an avid theatrical performer/aficionado, absolutely adore the idea, though I’ve only been able to listen to the show’s soundtrack rather than actually watch a live performance.

Recently, I’ve received the following e-mail from Milner’s official website:

“The Book Channel (CSPAN-2) airs Singing Darwinian Scholar Richard Milner’s one-man show on the history of evolution! 8am Sat., Jan. 23 (re-airing Sun. at 7pm). Milner is the author of Darwin’s Universe: Evolution from A to Z (Univ. of Calif. Press) The show was filmed at CUNY.”

Though I regrettably won’t be able to watch it due to my television’s restrictive selection of channels, I’d heartily recommend that everyone with a comprehensive cable company and a remote interest in evolution and/or theatre tune in!




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22 01 2010
Richard Milner’s “Charles Darwin: Live & In Concert” on Book TV « The Dispersal of Darwin

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