On Peacocks And Sexual Selection

16 11 2009

Good tidings and well-wishes!

Last week, my good friend and colleague Donny Price and I presented a 45-minute lecture to a high school biology class hosted by MCC and taught by Dr. Hungerbuehler’s wife, a fact which I briefly mentioned here. The main purpose of the presentation was to flesh out the fundamental concepts and implications of biological evolution beyond what’s commonly displayed in textbooks. To our complete shock, our efforts were greeted with an unexpectedly high amount of acclaim by both  the good doctor’s wife and the pupils in question, all of whom requested a follow-up talk this Thursday: an offer neither Donny nor myself could refuse. Due to the fact that our audience seemed impressed with the slide show that accompanied the previous discussion, we’ve decided to create a new one for its sequel. Below is an excellent video which nicely expands upon the concept of sexual selection that I fully intend to incorporate into this aforementioned power-point. The information most certainly isn’t new to anyone familiar with evolutionary theory, but I’ve decided to post it anyway. Enjoy:

(I had no idea that the sight of a peacock in flight is so mystifying… and somewhat startling!)

May the fossil record and the evolutionary paths upon which it has traveled continue to enchant us all!




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