Reminder: Dr. Hungerbuehler On Phytosaurs.

4 10 2009

Good tidings and well-wishes!

I’d just like to remind everyone that my instructor and world-known phytosaur expert Dr. Axel Hungerbuehler has agreed to do a Q&A session on his favorite archosaurs via this humble corner of the web. If anyone would like to submit questions about these frequently-neglected Triassic critters, please do so via commenting on this post or e-mailing yours truly at

The interview will be posted right here next week (probably around Tuesday or Wednesday).

May the fossil record continue to enchant us all!

UPDATE: I realize that thus far this semester, I’ve been less than consistent with my posting frequency, for which I sincerely apologize. A combination of paleo research, extracurricular activities, and a difficult academic schedule has prevented me from updating it as often as I used to. With regards to this interview: it WILL happen, but neither the good doctor nor myself  are currently capable of executing the project due to the advent of midterms week. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted with regards to its progress in the future but for now, all I can do is humbly ask your forgiveness in its postponement.




6 responses

5 10 2009
Zach Miller

Sorry. Forgot about this…I was in England, after all. A few questions!

1) Phytosaurs are often directly compared with modern crocodilians. How apt is that comparison? Aside from nostril position (obviously), what are the obvious differences between phytosaurs and modern crocodilians?

2) How long did phytosaurs persist during the Triassic? Is there any chance they may have survived into the Jurassic?

3) What is the biggest phytosaur? What is the smallest?

4) Do phytosaurs display interesting changes in ontogeny? Any suspected sexual dimorphism?

5) Were phytosaurs fairly uniform in their eating habits, or are different genera adapted to eating different things? What do you suspect they were eating? Do we have stomach contents for any phytosaurs?

5 10 2009

Many thanks for your response and excellent questions, Zach!

I hope that you found the SVP trip enjoyable (I’m planning on attending next year’s conference).

5 10 2009
Zach Miller

The talks were great. Getting between them was horrifying. I don’t know if I’ll be at Pittsburgh, but I’m going to make a point to get to Las Vegas in 2011…

6 10 2009

Ah, I’ve heard about the perils of British transportation. As for Las Vegas, if I can manage to find a part-time job that summer, I may be able to attend, but I wouldn’t count on it.

11 10 2009
Bill Parker

I have a question:

Do you both now consider Redondasaurus to be a distinct taxon?

12 10 2009

Dr. Parker,

We do consider Redondasaurus to be a distinct taxon based on significant differences in the morphology of (among other things), the squamosals and the supratemporal fenestrae.


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