Flat Frogs 102

6 04 2009

Good-tidings and well-wishes!

I realize that I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks…this is largely because of my freakishly-busy schedule of late. Rest assured that I’m planning to release a several new posts within this month dealing with such topics as the end-Permian extinction (a personal favorite subject of my fellow MCC paleo student, Donny Price), my latest updates in the great phytosaur skull project, and a few others.

Recently, I’ve been contacted by Bill Mueller, a friend and colleague of Dr. Axel (& myself) and the owner of an exquisite website which I’d strongly encourage you to visit. Mr. Mueller is also well-known amongst Triassic circles for his exposure of the fact that the name Buettneria, a Southwestern metoposaur from the late Triassic, had previously been used and thus should be replaced with the genus name Koskinonodon. Naturally, when it comes to Triassic metoposaurs, he’s quite the expert and I was exceedingly fortunate to receive an e-mail from him after this year’s WAVP meeting in which he gave a critique of my “Flat Frogs 101” post. The updated version is now available.

May the fossil record continue to enchant us all!




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