Phytosaur skull update #2

17 03 2009

Good tidings and well-wishes!

Here’s the latest update on the great phytosaur project. Go here for part one (  and go here for a nice review of what exactly a phytosaur is (

And here’s the photo which I referenced for my logo (courtesy of the famed HMNH):

A phytosaur mount on display in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

A phytosaur mount on display in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.


May the fossil record continue to enchant us all.




3 responses

18 03 2009
Matt Celeskey

Very cool – and thanks for the links! I still think that the Mesalands Phytosaur would have been an incredible mascot, and there would be no shortage of paleo-minded folks ordering merchandise.

Couldn’t see the ‘cartoon’ mascot very well – was he wearing swim trunks?

18 03 2009

You’re most welcome for the links, Matt! There is a glimmer of hope for the ‘Phytosaur’ campaign due to the fact that the recent efforts to nickname the school’s student body ‘The Mavericks’ were put on hold recently. I shall keep phyting!

The cartoon mascot was actually wearing a threadbare basketball jersey (I’m not sure why seeing as we don’t have an actual basketball team, but I digress..).

28 09 2009
Phytosaur Q & A With Dr. Hungerbuehler. « The Theatrical Tanystropheus

[…] suspense: it’s time to bring up the curtain! My long-time readers are acutely aware of my current involvement with the Phytosauria. Recently, I’ve decided that I could use some extra incentive for […]

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