Paleo-news roundup

18 02 2009

Good tidings and well-wishes!

The most basal sauropodomorph to date found in Argentina.

Panphagia protos, at approximately 228,300,000 years of age and around 1.3 meters in length (bear in mind that this was a juvenile), has recently been unearthed at Ischigualasto Provincial Park in Argentina recently. The animal is particularly interesting for two reasons (in addition to its age):

-Based on its dentition, it was likely an omnivore.

-It lived at approximately the same time as Saturnalia  tupiniquim, another basal sauropodomorph which was somewhat more advanced. This suggests to some researchers that the initial radiation of the group occured shortly prior to this time.

For more information, check out Dracovenator, Chinleana, and of course, the HMNH.

A new paper on pterosaur respiration.

The incomparable Darren Naish of ‘Tetrapod Zoology’ fame has recently posted a fascinating new post which discusses the specifics of pterosaur respiration (and its implications for flight) based on an exciting new study. Check it out!

May the fossil record continue to enchant us all!




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