Hello world!

3 12 2008

Good tidings and well wishes paleontology students, enthusiasts, and laymen. Welcome to the relatively-modest opening of my new blog! Due to my currently busy schedule as a freshman paleontology student at Mesalands Community College (henceforth referred to as ‘MCC’), I may not be capable of posting nearly as often as my fellow paleo-bloggers, however, I shall certainly do my best.  

On the subject of the paleo-blogging community, my primary goal behind the creation of this blog (apart from ensuring that my fellow paleo-nerds are well-aware of my current projects and shenanigans) is to provide non-experts in the field of paleontology with access to news and information from the field in easily-comprehendible and jargon-proof language. I feel that the scientific community would do well to stress communication with the public on their terms. To quote Carl Sagan (a personal hero of mine), “We live in a society exquisitely dependant upon science and technology in which very few know anything about science and technology.”

I’ll most likely begin posting shortly, but until then I bid my readers (assuming they exist at this point) ‘farewell’, and may the fossil record continue to enchant us all.




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